Nature Interpretation and Outdoor Learning Network in Prince George

Since the fall of 2012, NORA has been working towards its vision of developing a nature interpretation and outdoor learning network in Prince George. The goals of this network are to:

  • provide a hub for local interaction with the natural environment;
  • offer recreational and educational experiences and infrastructure for people of all ages;
  • uphold principles of ecological sustainability;
  • inspire and facilitate life-long enjoyment, learning and stewardship of the natural heritage, ecology and outdoor life in and around Prince George;
  • bring nature back to the forefront for children and residents in the community.

In 2013, NORA identified four sites in the city that could form part of this nature network, either on their own or through some sort of visual or physical connection:

  • Fort George Park / Hudson’s Bay Wetland / The Exploration Place
  • Cottonwood Island Park / Prince George Railway and Forestry Museum
  • Golf and Curling Club area
  • Forests for the World / University of Northern British Columbia / Cranbrook Hill Greenway

NORA then engaged McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd. to provide a comprehensive review of the four sites, including potential site improvements, financial options, best practices and educational opportunities, in support of NORA’s overall vision.

The result of this work, Final Draft: Nature Interpretation and Outdoor Learning Network Concept Plan, was published in February 2014. The plan includes a 20-year implementation strategy for achieving the nature network vision.

Key documents: